Watercolour painting created by Libby Hyett, art work named Little Girl Lost

Welcome to the Halfworld

I'm watching Married at First Sight as I write this. I've been excited to start my blog for ages. Last week, I wanted to talk about my four building blocks: Foundation; Administration; Imagination and Inspiration. This is very embarrassing to admit, and that's why blogging will suit me - I've learned about cleaning and keeping my home tidy from The Flylady. I developed those building blocks from her philosophy and I think of them when I'm deciding what to do next.

That's why blogging is good.

Let me explain myself. I'm a bit of a social media nut but most platforms assume a quick post is a good post.

I get to be as long winded as I like when I publish my own online journal entry. :)

Libby and her niece Lily sharing the experience of oil painting. Work in progress Water Crystals
Libby and Lily oil painting

The real purpose of my blog is because I want to share what my life as an artist is like. Not the day-to-day, although that's probably more interesting than I realise; but the special process of creating my art, and how it feels.

When I'm painting, I want to broadcast my thought process out loud! Talk about being "present"... I'm not exactly sure what that saying means, but I think I'm 'present' if I'm engrossed in what I'm doing, right?! If that's what it means, yeah I'm bloody present. I escape any worries of the future and any fretting about the past.

Welcome to the Halfworld. That's my creative place. It's where I go when I'm halfway between awake and asleep.

But back to Flylady.

Throw fifteen things out.

Do things quickly, not perfectly.

The dishwasher takes four minutes to unload. Try it and see!!

And my little building blocks... they just help me get organised. Foundation represents things like housework, good health, taking my meds and so on. Administration is boring and scary. It's those paperwork things that can really mess you up if you ignore them... paying bills and so on.

Imagination is the process of doing my artworks.www.libbyhyett.com

Inspiration is the funnest bit.

And watching Married at First Sight?

Nothing to do with the Halfworld.

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